Step right up and test your strength on the High Striker! It’s the classic fairground game guaranteed to sort the men from the boys. Using the provided mallet, players must hit the base of the tower as hard as they can to rise the metal puck up to the large bell at the top of the tower.

The Highstriker (or strongman game, as it is sometimes known) is a popular choice for any fairground or fete as it always pulls a crowd and can also provide a great earnings potential. It is also a fantastic idea for any corporate or team building events where a fun competitive game is sure to be a big hit!

The High Striker is a game to be enjoyed by all ages and strengths as the strength level can be adjusted easily. For younger children the difficulty can be reduced so less force is required to raise the puck to the peak of the tower. So young or old, the highstriker can determine who is the true strongman.

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